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Traditional Korean meals enjoyed together with a number of small side dishes called 'banchan' and kimchi is served at almost every meal.

japchae ( stir fried glass noodle ).jpg__PID:7d1955d2-fffe-4e96-877c-4b58c58f643a
Dak gang jung.jpg__PID:83808dcc-9f2e-40c0-81b9-c00ef80a4915
Oaksusu jeon ( sweet corn pancake ).jpg__PID:123140a7-a78d-4c2c-a128-8912eafaded8


ROUND - Tofu Kimchi Soup & Beef Bulgogi.png__PID:e18c9e25-2ee5-475c-9942-ecbf74084abf

Tofu Kimchi Soup & Beef Bulgogi

Tofu Kimchi Stew is a culinary symphony where the aromatic essence of kimchi meets the tenderness of tofu. The marriage of kimchi's piquancy and the velvety texture of tofu gives birth to a broth that dances on the taste buds. Savoring a spoonful of the steaming broth, the delightful encounter of flavorful kimchi and resilient tofu unfolds, performing a graceful waltz inside the mouth.

Bulgogi is a dish where the richness of beef and the harmony of seasonings create a resonant symphony. The combination of soy sauce, sugar, minced garlic, and sesame oil results in a savory and sweet flavor that captivates the palate. The beef, quickly stir-fried at high heat, tenderly yields to every bite, and the aromatic essence of the well-cooked meat announces a feast for the senses. Bulgogi, with its deep and harmonious notes, awakens the appetite and orchestrates a delightful spectacle on any dining table.

These two dishes are not only frequently enjoyed in Korean households but also represent a delightful combination of tradition and taste. The richness of flavors and delightful aromas converge, inviting you to savor a delicious narrative with each bite.

ROUND - Seafood Bu Chu Jeon (Ku Chye Pancake) & Radish Kimchi- Tofu Kimchi Soup & Beef Bulgogi.png__PID:d1239356-e731-4330-ad32-53bc1e8c592e

Seafood Bu Chu Jeon (Ku Chye Pancake) & Radish Kimchi

Seafood Buchujeon is a delicious Korean pancake made from seasoned flour, seafood, and Ku Chye Chives (Spring Onion Chives), cooked the traditional Korean way. It is savory crispy and makes a great appetizer, satisfying your taste buds! You can learn how to flip the pancake too! To compliment the Kuchye pancake, you will get to learn how to make some pancake sauce, as well as some shredded kimchi to spice up the taste!

ROUND _ Kimchi Pancake & Cheese Steamed Egg.png__PID:2ec6449e-6797-4f50-b945-04231d64b5ed

Kimchi Pancake & Cheese Steamed Egg

Kimchi pancake encased in a soft and crispy fried coating, the kimchi bursts with a spicy kick and rich umami with every bite. The distinctive texture within creates a joyous festival in the mouth, arousing the appetite with the sizzling taste of kimchi. This fiery-flavored kimchi pancake stands out as a special delight among Korean side dishes.

The cheese and steamed egg dish combines softly cooked eggs with savory cheese, creating a velvety and rich taste. The gentle texture of the eggs melts seamlessly with the flavorful cheese, offering a simple yet deeply satisfying experience. The sauce, full of savory goodness, fills the mouth with warmth and satisfaction. This warm and rich cheese and egg steamed dish provides a perfect conclusion to a meal, delivering a soft joy reminiscent of cotton candy. These two dishes represent the diverse flavors and aromas of Korean cuisine, weaving a delicious tale that captivates the palate

ROUND - Samgyeopsal Pork Belly Kimbap & Ohdang Banchan (Stir-fried Fish Cake Side Dish)_ Kimchi Pancake & Cheese Steamed Egg.png__PID:a544da54-8a9b-41d4-b9ce-62dd06782185

Samgyeopsal Pork Belly Kimbap & Ohdang Banchan (Stir-fried Fish Cake Side Dish)

Samgyeopsal ( Pork belly ) Kimbap - A Joyful Texture Fusion! Samgyeopsal kimbap, enriched with ssamjang, is a quintessential Korean kimbap delivering a harmonious blend of rich flavors and aromas. The delightful combination of tender samgyeopsal, fresh vegetables, and flavorful ssamjang orchestrates a taste festival within each roll. With every bite, the soft samgyeopsal and fresh ingredients captivate the palate, blending unique richness and aroma, satisfying Korean taste buds. Samgyeopsal kimbap, loved everywhere, stands out as a menu favorite.

Stir-fried Fish Cake side dish in Soy Sauce Base - The Uncomplicated yet Flavorful Maestro Fish cake stir-fried in a soy sauce base, despite its simple preparation, stands out as a dish offering remarkable taste. The rich umami of soy sauce complements the fish cake, creating a delightful fusion of savory flavors and textures. Stir-fried with various ingredients, the fish cake maintains a soft and savory taste, while the sweet soy sauce adds a touch of sweet and salty magic. Easy to enjoy anytime, stir-fried fish cake highlights the abundant flavors of Korean cuisine.

ROUND -  JJajangmyeon & Cabbage Kimchi- Samgyeopsal Pork Belly Kimbap & Ohdang Banchan (Stir-fried Fish Cake Side Dish)_ Kimchi Pancake & Cheese Steamed Egg.png__PID:6eb3a0eb-2372-4b08-bbd9-761156c65470

JJajangmyeon & Cabbage Kimchi

Jajangmyeon - A Flavorful Representation of Korean Chinese Cuisine Jajangmyeon, topped with a fried egg and filled with pork, is a representative dish offering rich flavors from Korean Chinese cuisine. The dark and savory jajang sauce perfectly coats the chewy noodles. The tenderness of the fried egg complements the dish. Enjoying the distinctive richness of jajangmyeon, crafted with a variety of ingredients, delivers the allure of Korean Chinese cuisine beyond expectations.

Cabbage Kimchi is a beloved Korean dish, featuring fresh cabbage seasoned with kimchi sauce. The seasoning permeates evenly, preserving the lively texture of the cabbage while highlighting its mild flavor. The harmonious blend of spicy notes distinguishes cabbage kimchi, making it a perfect companion to rice and showcasing the fresh crispness of cabbage. This dish not only stands out as a delightful kimchi variety but also encapsulates the unique pleasure of combining fresh ingredients.


Dak Gang Jung (Street Style Boneless Korean Fried Chicken) & Oaksusu Jeon (Sweet Corn Pancake)

Dakgangjeong - A Sweet and Savory Korean Chicken Dish Dakgangjeong is a crispy chicken dish coated in a sweet sauce, representing one of Korea's iconic chicken recipes. The distinctive tender and chewy texture of the chicken, combined with a savory gochujang-based sauce enriched with the sweetness of sugar, creates a unique flavor profile. The crispy fried coating of the chicken contributes to a satisfying texture with each bite.

Corn Pancake - A Crispy and Nutty Delight Corn pancake is a traditional Korean dish that blends nutty corn with soft flour, resulting in a flavorful pancake. Corn pancakes serve as a versatile dish, suitable as a light snack or a tasty side dish, making them a delicious addition to any meal

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